Dental Tourism

"DENTAL SQUARE" is a multi - specialty Prosthodontic and Implantology Center, based at Vadodara, Gujarat, India - a fusion of ultramodern Dental technology and clinical expertise. The Doctors here strive to create an ambience for a result oriented as well as patient friendly practice.

The ever surging cost of dental treatment in the developed economies has enforced people to explore for various treatment options worldwide in respect to cost effectiveness that too without compromise in treatment quality. India and specifically, Gujarat has emerged as a leading destination for Medical and Dental Tourism because of its state of the art technology and relatively affordable treatment costs. Here are the answers to few of your questions regarding your dental treatment at DENTAL SQUARE.

  • What is Dental Tourism?

    Dental tourism or Dental vacation as you may perceive happens for a lot many reasons. Amongst them prime most are the choices made on price considerations. Millions of people every year fly from USA and Europe to India for a grand holiday and Dental treatment. The cost of dental treatment in the western countries is approximately 10 times more than that in India. With these high costs people have started to club their tour with dental treatment into one, ending up by having a grand holiday almost free!

  • Why India?

    India boasts of having best qualified professionals and world class medical facilities at par with any of the western countries. Below are some of the approximate costs for the concerned dental treatment in India and other countries for your reference. Yet we maintain the best of the standards, quality and the protocols of the treatment performed.

    • Single Implant
    • Veneers
    • Root Canal
    • Crowns
    • Bonding
    • $500
    • $180
    • $50
    • $50
    • $20
    United States
    • $3000
    • $800
    • $700
    • $750
    • $150
    • $1000
    • $360
    • $60
    • $300
    • $70


    Please Note : These are just rough estimates for your reference.


    At DENTAL SQUARE, we go all - out to provide you with the best of the treatments possible and customized as per your needs. We understand how important it is for you and hence we follow the principle - "Specialized Dentistry, Personalized Care". Our tagline says it all.

    Visit us and you will fly out with a confident dazzling smile - a trip that will mesmerize you. Our continued success depends entirely upon our reputation for the world - class dental services.

  • What makes us a good destination for your Dental Tourism?

    You already had a glimpse on our technology, staff and skills aspect. Besides, we are located in Vadodara (Gujarat). In Gujarat, all your touring tastes would be met upon - be it adventurous or cultural or just a relaxing one. Further, Gujarat is very much known for its typical cuisines - a must to explore. If you are lucky enough you might end up in one of its bunch of festivals.

  • What are the facilities that make Dental Square an exclusive?

    • Specialists for every specialty
    • Strict sterilization protocols
    • Digital X - rays
    • Impeccable hospitality
    • CAD CAM restorations
    • Cutting edge technology
  • How much time my treatment will need?

    This depends on what treatment you require but everything will become clear once you have a consultation with us. It could range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We can tell you the number of days you will need to spend in India for dental treatment before you make your travel plan.

  • Can I communicate with the Dentist prior to my journey?

    Yes, absolutely! If you have any questions for the Dentist we will be happy to help you.

  • How do I know what I need to get done before planning a dental tour?

    You can do either of the following :

    You can of course go to a Dentist in your country and get a full check up and get a Quote. So you already know what procedures you need to get done and how much you would save on the same at Dental Square as a Dental tourist.

    Then there is utmost percentage of patients who just do it all over in India because in first visit to a Dental Clinic you will need a full checkup anyway - including x-rays and scaling.

  • Where will I stay?

    It actually depends on you. We can help you with a wide array of accommodation options that varies from basic (3 star) to luxurious (5 star) hotels for your stay. We have provided a list of reputed hotels that are close to our clinic.

  • How do I know if my dental procedures will be completed in the time limit I have?

    During our treatment planning, we take into account your travel time and are aware of how long your stay is in the country and we will have a timeline for completion of your procedures already planned out before you reach India. We will reserve the time for you to ensure timely completion of dental procedures.

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